At S&B Metal Products, our structural steel fabrication process creates steelwork pieces that unite to make a complete, solid form. In our process, we use CAD, CAM, and CNC machinery to produce the highest quality in our steel structures. With advances in technology, we can make the best products to meet your highest standards with precision and promptness.

Structural steel fabrication is an intricate process

  • Basic plates and sections of steel arrive at S&B Metal Products
  • Prefabrication primers are coated over the steel’s surface to prevent rust.
  • The steel is cut into proper lengths and sections with automated machines, like circular saws, flame, gas, plasma arcs, and more.
  • High-speed steel twist bits are used to drill holes into the steel section so that they can be bolted into a single structure at the construction site. Sometimes punching is used to create the holes as well.
  • If the project requires curved steelwork, a specialist uses roller bending or press braking equipment to bend the steel.
  • When tubular sections need saddling or profile-shaping, tee splitting is used to make the tube contour to a hollow or curved surface.

Then we send the frame to you in standard sections. We also send the protective coatings, bolts, and more specialty items to guarantee that you have everything you need for a strong structure.

If you can’t find what you need in our traditional process, we can also create a customized steel structure from plates. We can even use flanges or stiffening to strengthen the plate girders and sections.

Structural Steel Fabrication At S&B Metal Products


Established in 1974, S&B Metal Products creates high-quality structural steel pieces on schedule. We use the best materials and the latest machinery for fabrication that meets your high standards. One of the many testimonies to our business is our ongoing expansion process: from one facility in Ohio to several locations in Florida. Now we have more than 100,000 square feet dedicated to fabricating our materials, including your structural steel projects. Request a quote to begin working with us today!