CNC bending, or computer numerically controlled bending, is just one of many manufacturing techniques used at S&B Metal Products. This process uses CNC machines to bend sheet metal work. Technology enables engineers to CNC bend any sheet metal from just a few millimeters to several meters long, using large industrial machines.

CNC Bending Methods

There are two methods used with CNC bending. The first uses CNC press brakes, which may be attached to the bottom bed. Engineers use V block tooling to keep the metal in place while an upper beam undergoes the force of the V blade tools. This is called down forming. The second way to CNC bend is the opposite, when an up forming machine moves the bottom bend and the upper beam is fixed into place. Both approaches make the same results in the end, so engineers have limitless options for their designs.

CNC press brakes can be programmed to handle various sheet metal components. The programmable backstop (the part of the metal that needs bent) determines the flat back distance. S&B engineers program the V blade as well, where the V block will be crucial for the angle of the bend in the metal; the more the V blade penetrates the V block, the more drastic the V bend will be in the end product. CNC program positioning unites various bend lengths and angles with the sheet metal, determining positions and angles for each specific piece of sheet metal.

The CNC press brake determines the length of the piece of sheet metal that can be bent. The material’s thickness will be aligned with the material tensile strength and tonnage that the machine can handle. The bigger the lower V block opening, the bigger the sheet metal gauge the engineers can use to bend the metal. When the V block is more open, the internal radius for the bend will also be wider.

CNC Bending With S&B Metal Products

S&B Metal Products, first established in 1974, has the technology and programming to handle CNC bending for your project. With multiple locations, more than 100,000 square feet of dedicated fabrication space, 150 certified and trained employees, and prototype production, your project will be a success with the help of S&B Metal Products. Contact us to request a quote today!