EZ Vet Pet Care Stations: Innovation For The Future

S&B Metal Products is happy to announce that it is now the producer of the new EZ Vet Pet Care Station! No pet owner enjoys the hassle, expense, and inconvenience of a regular vet office, but if you live near a Pet Supplies Plus in Florida, Virginia, Alabama, or Texas, you’re in luck. S&B has partnered with old friends and pet lovers to transform an industry with our stainless steel knowledge.


A Transformative Solution


It all began with a single phone call. EZ Vet Pet Care Station  innovators called an old friend and business partner at S&B. During their conversation, they mentioned a new project, a small vet unit that would be stationed at local pet stores, and said that they were looking for a company to build the units. S&B had just acquired Petlift, so the two decided that their skills were right for each other. S&B looked at the details, created a prototype, and the veterinary care industry will never be the same. You never know when an old friendship could change an industry forever!

A Skilled Process

To make the new EZ Vet Pet Care Stations, we used our facilities in Lakeland, Florida, and our Mazak laser, which precisely cuts the aluminum sheets EZVETCAREfor the stations’ floors and walls. The units are made of aluminum tubing, which our fabricators saw and weld into a single unit. Our machinists run the small pieces and parts for the stations through our top-notch milling machines. Then our staff applies graphics before the stations ever leave the Lakeland facility. Each station is fully assembled and run through a series of tests before it leaves our facilities. Then the units are installed in pet stores, and pet owners find a new solution for pet care.

All of the EZ Vet Pet Care Stations have their own scale in the floor, a refrigerator, and a self-contained water system. Each station has a Vet Tech and a Veterinarian to cover a variety of pet health concerns, like infections or conditions involving ears, teeth, eyes, skin, stomach, weight, or neurological systems. Their knowledgeable staff also offers a wide range of preventive care and wellness advice for concerned pet owners.

A Growing Market

Currently, two stations are located in Florida, and four are in Virginia. Soon there will be more stations around the country, with four planned for Alabama and three for Texas. Pet owners across the US are transferring their pet care routines to EZ Vet Pet Care Stations.

More Innovations For The Future

No matter your stainless steel custom project, S&B Metal Products has the well-rounded knowledge and expertise to make your blueprints and drafts into a real product. Contact us today to start your next project.

S&B Metal Products is one of Fabricator Magazine’s Fab 40


Each year The Fabricator publishes its Top 40 metal fabricators in its Fab 40 list and this year we are excited to announce that S&B Metal Products is number 24 on the list. The list was created to help learn more about metal fabricators across the country. The list is compiled from the help of metal fabricators who are willing to share company information and are publication subscribers who identified their company as being part of the fabricated metal product sector, as defined by the North American Industry Classification System. Continue reading…

The Welding Skills Gap

Along with many positive reports about US manufacturing there has also been a lot of news about the skills gap and the important role in plays in keeping the US competitive. The skills gap is due to many factors, including an aging workforce and increased manufacturing activity among others. At S&B Metal we have seen firsthand the problems manufacturers are having with finding qualified employees.  Although we have worked with temp agencies, attended job fairs, and put out job applications in local papers we have found that often the best way to narrow the skills gap is to provide the training ourselves. Continue reading…

Full-Service On-site Assembly, Installation, and Repair from S&B Metal Products

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