At S&B Metal Products, we combine years of experience with skilled attention to detail to make the metal products that you need for your company and project. We have many metalworking capabilities to complete your designs, and one of these techniques is power rolling.

How Power Rolling Works

When power rolling, we pass a piece of metal stock through a single roller or a pair of rollers. These rolls press the metal stock so that the thickness is decreased and level throughout the entire piece of metal. Similar to a baker rolling pizza dough, power rolling flattens and smooths the metal stock to the desired thickness.

Power rolling has many categories, with each one named after the temperature of the metal that is rolled. Hot rolling is when the metal temperature is above recrystallization levels; this is more useful for processing more tonnage than any other process used to manufacture metals.In contrast, cold rolling is when the metal temperature is under recrystallization. This is ideal for handling the most tonnage compared to any other style of cold metalworking.

Other Types of Power Rolling

Other kinds of power rolling include roll bending, ring rolling, controlled rolling, roll forming, and profile rolling. Each technique is different, uniquely suited to a specific metal, temperature, and project. With these methods, rolling mills can turn metal and steel into bar stock, rails, and structural steel, like angle stock, l-beams, channel stock, and more.

Power Rolling At S&B Metal Products

Using more than 40 years of experience, staff at S&B Metal Products have the knowledge, technology, and expertise to transform your designs into a final product. Every phase of the sheet metal fabrication process is handled directly at S&B, providing you with a streamlined, efficient approach that will stay on schedule.

Now our long list of capabilities (such as contract manufacturing, CNC machining, assembly, design and engineering, industrial painting, and more) includes power rolling. We work hard to make our business the only destination you need to develop successful products from start to finish.

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