For innovation, expertise, and service, choose steel fabrication at S&B Metal Products, where we make your satisfaction our top priority. To do this, we use the latest tools of our industry, but these tools mean nothing if we lack the skilled staff and customer service to please our clients.


S&B Metal Products is always looking for innovative ways to meet the demands of our vast, varied customer base. We keep up with the latest technology and techniques in our industry, applying those methods when we can. We use SOLIDWORKS, AutoCAD, MIETRAK 32 Production Tracking, and Metalsoft to guarantee that your products are made with only the best.

Our techniques include laser cutting, CNC bending, grinding, deburring, punching, programming, sawing, shearing, prototyping, painting, metal finishing, and more. Using only the best in our industry, we can help you achieve your vision for your product.


We have earned ISO 9001:2015 certification, which means that we meet high standards for our products, company, and staff. This is only possible with our 150 trained, certified employees. Our staff operates more than 100,000 square feet of manufacturing space dedicated to fabrication. They have the knowledge, from tooling to inspecting, to produce high-quality results.


Our trained staff walk with you through every step of the steel fabrication process. We begin with your ideas to make a design. After you approve the prototype, we move on to producing your piece to your specific criteria. After our final inspection, we send you your completed product.

We recently opened a new facility, measuring 5,000 square feet, in Bradenton, Florida. The entire shop is only for stainless steel fabrication for a variety of industries, from healthcare to food and beverage. We are not afraid to dedicate specific space, time, and energy to make our company and its service stand above the rest.

Steel Fabrication with S&B Metal Products

Since S&B Metal Products was first established in Ohio in 1974, it has expanded several times. Our ongoing growth shows that customers appreciate our company values and service. Ask us for more information about starting your project with us today!