Stanchions and bollards are not terms that people hear every day, but they are important; once you start looking for stanchions and bollards, you’ll be surprised how often you see them!

Stanchions: Supporting Weight and Objects

Stanchions are sturdy, upright poles that support another object. These can be the posts holding velvet ropes at formal events, iron bars in windows, or any similar metal support, like poles for boat ropes by waterfronts, the headrest supports in a car’s seat, goalposts for sports, and standing poles on subways and buses. There are countless stanchions that we use every day without even thinking about it.

Bollards: Defining Traffic and Pedestrians

Bollards can be either iron or wooden posts that are primarily used at waterfronts, allowing sailors to securely tie their boats to the dock. There are also traffic bollards that limit how many cars can pass through an area or dictate whether a street is for pedestrians only. Bollards can be either portable or temporary. Engineers make illuminated bollards, bell bollards, removable bollards, rising bollards, flexible bollards, racing bollards, protective bollards, and more. These are useful for parks, playgrounds, trails, landscapes, bicycle lanes, malls, and other structures where traffic and pedestrians mingle. As you can see, bollards are everywhere!

Stanchion and Bollard Installation at S&B Metal Products

Now that you understand the differences between stanchions and bollards, consider our stanchion and bollard installation process at S&B Metal Products. We design your products from your specifications, and then we efficiently install them on site!

At S&B Metal Products, we have unique assets that make our stanchion and bollard installation process easier for you:

  • Room: Our facilities amount to more than 100,000 square feet solely dedicated to fabrication.
  • Technology: We use only the latest technology and equipment in our industry.
  • Teamwork: Our 150 trained, certified staff members have the experience to produce quality titanium fabrication that guarantees your satisfaction.
  • Collaboration: We partner with you through every step of the fabrication process, from design to prototype to final delivery.

Contact us to learn more about our stanchion and bollard installation today!