Few things stop a production line like a broken piece of machinery. When this happens, the most efficient option is on-site fabrication for a customized product. Not every metal business offers this feature, but fortunately, S&B Metal Products is here to help. We have more than 100,000 square feet of our business dedicated to fabrication – and now we can bring our abilities directly to your business door!

Experience A Skilled Team On The Go

At S&B Metal Products, our skilled and experienced team has the ability to design and produce on-site fabrication. Trust our 150 certified, trained employees to give you the results you want. Our field teams are able to fabricate a wide variety of items from a range of materials to get your production running at the same level of efficiency before the machine broke. Our goal is to uphold standards that are a step above the competition, and we intend to help you do the same in your business.

Choose The Professional Process For Professional Results

To meet your needs, our field team will meet with you to discuss the piece that you need designed and fixed. From there our staff fabricates your customized application. From start to finish, we engineer your unique fabrication. Our teams will handle every last detail, including metal finishing, fastener insertion, punctual delivery, painting, and powder coating.

Use The Best Technology And Materials For Your Business

At S&B Metal Products, our on-site fabrication capabilities are extensive. We handle CNC capabilities from bending, to punching, to laser cutting, to programming. We use only the latest equipment and technology for our on-site fabrication process, and we treat you like a team member through every step of the process including design, electronic file transfer, and even assembly and custom packaging and kitting.

We only choose a range of quality materials from our warehouses including:

  • Aluminum
  • Plastics
  • Steel
  • Stainless steel
  • Tube
  • Structural
  • Exotics

Choose On-Site Fabrication With S&B Metal Products

Our expanding business is a testimony to our quality – we began with a single production branch in Ohio in the 1970s, and now we have three other branches in Florida’s Lakeland, Bradenton, and Daytona Beach areas. Request a quote to start your on-site fabrication today!