At S&B Metal Products, it’s important that our end results meet your specific expectations of appearance, durability, and function, and metal coating is a way to ensure your metal product has the exact properties you desire, as well as extra protection to last for years to come.

Metal Coating Offers Increased Protection

Metal coating is an effective way of transforming the surface properties of a piece of metal or steel to increase its hardness and protect it from scratches. Metal coating is also effective for corrosion control, as well as simply transforming the appearance of metal.

There are many different types of metal coatings each aimed at achieving a different goal:

  • Anodizing – Most common with aluminum, titanium, and zinc, anodizing is the process of increasing the thickness of aluminum oxide on the surface of the metal, making it more resistant to corrosion and more adhesive to paint.
  • Galvanizing – Commonly known as hot-dipping, galvanizing is the process of dipping a ferrous metal into molten zinc to provide a corrosion-resistant surface. The zinc coating bonds to the metal surface so it won’t flake off.
  • Electroplating – The process of using an electric current to adhere chromium, cadmium, silver, or other kinds of metal to an existing piece of metal, generally to improve appearance and resist corrosion.
  • Porcelain Enamel Coating – The process of coating metal with enamel to resist stains, scratches, and corrosion.

Our professional team at S&B Metal Products will work closely with you to ensure we create exactly what you need. We use the latest and greatest equipment and technology as well as materials to ensure your project is done right and is durable enough to last.

After any coating process is finished, the parts are cured in our finishing ovens to ensure the best finish possible. Each part is then thoroughly inspected for thickness, corrosion, temperature control, impact resistance, and more to ensure we have met your specifications.

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