There is one important part of metal production that should never be overlooked: corrosion control. Whether you want your metal item to stay indoors or to weather the elements, preventing erosion is crucial to guaranteeing that your project has the quality to last for many years.

One of the most common kinds of corrosion is rust, which is an orange-brown flake and discoloration that happens on metal that has moisture and oxygen exposure. Not only does it look bad, but it can damage the function, stability, and integrity of your project. Rust expands and stresses metal, making it weak, brittle, and flaky.

When rust eats away at untreated metal, a whole structure can be destroyed. One of the more famous examples is the Silver Bridge from 1967, when a steel suspension bridge fell to the ground in less than sixty seconds.

Prevent Rust From Taking Over Your Project

There are several good ways to prevent rust from ruining your project. Fortunately for you, S&B Metal Products has your back!

  • Rust Resistant Materials: Many manufacturers choose to build metal products out of metal that resists rust. Stainless steel, weathering steel, and some alloys like copper, chromium, phosphorous, and nickel are also useful for corrosion control.
  • Strong Design: Making metal products that reduce water penetration – and therefore rust – is an efficient way to control corrosion. Any crevices and cavities give water a foothold in destroying metal products. Our engineers at S&B create designs that let air flow around your product, reducing rust as much as possible.
  • Treatments: At S&B, we use a variety of treatments to stop rust. One is galvanization, which is a metallic zinc coating that stops corrosive elements from reaching the metal. Organic coatings, like paint, are an affordable way to prevent rust. We also offer powder coating by applying a dry powder, heating the metal, and using the resulting thin film for corrosion control.

Corrosion Control With S&B Metal Products

Contact us to learn more about how S&B Metal Products can help your project have long-lasting integrity. Request a quote on your project today. Our engineers are eager to work with you!