S&B Metal Products provides cutting edge technology, highly skilled workmen, and 40 years of experience in copper fabrication. We can take you from prototype development to a finished final product. With multiple facilities in Ohio and Florida, we have over 100,000 square feet of fabrication space available for your project.

Expect a Full-Service Company

From the idea in your head or the sketch on a napkin, our trained staff will walk with you through every step of the copper fabrication process to the final product. We will take your ideas and turn them into reality.

We provide metal-working techniques like:

  • laser cutting
  • CNC bending
  • grinding
  • deburring
  • punching
  • programming

Save with the Technology Available

At S&B Metal Products, we keep up with the latest in our industry and look for innovative ways to apply them cost effectively to help our ever-growing customer base.

We use state-of-the-art software like AutoCAD, SOLIDWORKS, Metalsoft, and MIETRAK32 production tracking to save you both time and money. Our highly-skilled design staff can help you develop your product and will give you machine-readable code in multiple formats.

Trust the Professionals at S&B Metal Products for Your Cleanroom Needs

At S&B Metal Products, we have earned ISO 9001.2008 certification with high standards for not only our products but also our company and staff. We meet the requirements of the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries, as well as the food and beverage industries with our controlled environment and guaranteed contaminant-free products. Every step of our copper fabrication process has clean racks and tables for sanitary product needs, including the shipping area.

Relax with Our Guaranteed Results

We guarantee you will be happy with our work. Our outstanding customer service department goes the extra mile to keep our customers returning with their next project. At S&B Metal Products, we have high standards for our products, company, and staff.

Find Out More About Copper Fabrication

Ask our expert staff all about your copper fabrication project. Our friendly representatives will be glad to assist you. Contact us today and request a quote for your copper fabrication work.