S&B Metal Products has many different ways to create your unique metal product, and one of the most useful and versatile parts of metal work is CNC programming. CNC programming software designs instructions and codes that a computer uses to operate a machine. Each part has its own unique CNC program.

History of CNC Programming

CNC, or Computer Numerical Control, was invented in the 1970s for more accuracy and efficiency. Today, CNC programming is part of nearly all manufacturing processes. Usually CNC is used in place of or in conjunction with another manufacturing process. With the invention of CNC, engineers and designers can guarantee more precise work with more flexibility, more automated processes, and more efficiency for customers.

Typically, CNC programming is used in production lines at factories, but these computing skills are also useful for troubleshooting when a machine is malfunctioning, ensuring good quality in each piece of metal work, avoiding production downtimes, studying the standard of performance, and improving programming and production issues.

CNC Programmers at S&B Metal Products

CNC programmers at S&B Metal Products receive special training to develop the modules that run CNC machines. These machines use the instructions to cut, shape, and design precise metal items for a variety of industries and projects, like cars, machines, and aviation pieces. The programmers are able to plan each element of the machines designing parts; using your own input and ideas, CNC programmers transform these words into code that machines can use to create exactly the product you want.

Our CNC programmers look at the specific elements you want in your machined metal work. We compose formulas and calculations on a wide range of variables, like your preferred material, the physical production, and the speed at which the machine will manufacture the piece. Engineers will also need to consider where certain fabrications, like holes, and similar details need to be on the final product. With this information, our programmers create numbered instruction that the machine can understand and follow.

Then the CNC programmer sends the information to the CNC set-up operator, who uploads the program on a specific machine. After running tests and making any important changes, the team begins creating your metal work!

CNC Programming at S&B Metal Products

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