Process tankProcess tanks are used to rinse and cure vacuum impregnated porous engine blocks and transmissions. Vacuum impregnation seals porosity and leak paths that form during the casting or molding process. Vacuum impregnation stops casting porosity and allows manufacturers to use parts that would otherwise be scrapped. This is the preferred method to seal porosity in order to prevent fluids or gases from leaking under pressure. All process tanks are fabricated to be liquid tight, water tested, and sealed through a liquid passivation process.

To form the process tanks, we laser cut stainless steel on our 2500 watt Mazak laser to produce blanks with a high-quality edge finish, which would minimize finishing operations. We then employed a 250 ton Accurpress press brake for the subsequent bending operations. Our skilled fabricators used additional machining techniques, including deburring, countersinking, welding, and tapping to produce the other components required for the finished piece.

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