When engineers and designers are serious about quality, they make certain to have quality prototypes. Prototyping is how our teams at S&B Metal Products create “trial runs” of your project. This is the way we double check that the measurements, materials, angles, and overall integrity of your project are exactly what you want. Without testing the integrity of these items, then the quality of your design is compromised.  

Why is Prototyping Important?

The importance of prototyping cannot be overstated. Prototypes introduce designers and engineers to your project. By becoming familiar with your specifics, we can better work with your design, enabling us to know the ins and outs of exactly what you want! By working with a dedicated, experienced team, we’ll be able to collaborate with you about any changes that you may want made to your design.  

Secondly, prototypes allows us to troubleshoot your project. We’ll help you to find the materials that are best for your design. Looking at software programs to make big decisions about your project can be a mistake—looking at an image on screen is never the same as holding an example of the final product in your hand. Once you have the hands-on experience, sometimes you’ll realize that certain details need tweaked to create what you’re truly looking for.  

Finally, prototyping for truly unique products helps fine tune the production process. By making an example for you, we’ll learn how to best manufacture your project. We’ll develop a set system that is specific to you and your design.

Prototyping at S&B Metal Products

Founded in 1974, S&B Metal Products is experienced in prototyping a variety of projects. We use technology, programming, and skill to make prototypes that are accurate to the final estimates. We have several locations in the US, adding up to over 100,000 square feet of space that is set aside specifically for fabrication.

Our 150 certified, trained employees can handle your prototype production with consistency and precision. Request a quote to begin working with us today!