Until they’re faced with the decision of metal sawing, many designers haven’t considered that there are two ways to saw metal—band saw and cold saw—each with its own benefits.

First, you must decide how much metal you want cut and the quality of the cut metal you’ll need for your project—the technique and machine should match the application.

Band Sawing

For large orders of cut metal that don’t need weld prep or accuracy, a band saw is the best approach. Band saws are better for a machine that handles a range of volumes and materials. It’s important to keep in mind that even though the overall quality of band saw work is good, there will be some burrs left on the edges of your metal pieces.

Cold Sawing

For precise, clean-cut metal straight from the machine, a cold saw is ideal. Cold saws are extremely accurate, but they cannot handle the same volume of work as a band saw. Typically, cold saws are used more in welding shops because of the perfect accuracy of the cut.

It is also important to choose the correct blade. It takes many years of experience to instinctively know which blade to choose and for which material, volume and application. This also requires intricate knowledge of millwork, coolants, quality guides and correct measurements, because metal sawing can overlap into chip load and other decisions.

Metal Sawing At S&B Metal Products

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