Blasting uses a high volume of force to shoot abrasive materials at a surface to change it. With abrasive blasting, designers and engineers can smooth a coarse metal surface, coarse a smooth surface, mold a surface into a shape, and eliminates flaws. The shooting materials, called media, are shot through a centrifugal wheel with compressed air or pressurized fluid.

Varying Levels of Abrasion

There are many kinds of blasting, each with its own level of abrasion. The harshest blasting uses metal shot and the gentlest contains sand. Moderate blasting can be done with ground walnut shells, corncobs, or plastic stock, or even glass beads. One of the mildest blastings is called sodablasting, which uses baking soda to smooth a rough surface.

Cost Effective, Efficient, Flexible

Blasting is known for being cost effective because it is so efficient and flexible. By changing the abrasive substance, a surface can be transformed into what you need for your project. The blasting gun can be changed in a variety of ways: the distance at which the media is sprayed, the strength of the blast, the size and type of the media, the angle of the stream—it all makes a difference in how the surface looks at the end of the blasting.

With its variety of smoothing and cleaning options, blasting allows engineers and designers to make almost any surface into a brand-new product. Blasting has many benefits:

  • It takes less than 75% of the time hand cleaning metals requires
  • It saves production cost and man hours
  • It’s environmentally friendly because it’s a recyclable process
  • It results in 10 times stronger adherence for coating, painting, or plating a metal surface
  • It makes a cleaner, better finish

Blasting At S&B Metal Products

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