At S&B Metal Products, we use the latest technology in lasers, punches, press brakes, machining, and welders for our bronze fabrication process. We create innovative parts and products directly from your designs; as a custom sheet metal shop, our experts create the products inspired from your vision.

Uses for Bronze Parts

Bronze, which is an alloy made of tin and copper, is typically used in sculpture, statuary, and other decorations. Because it resists corrosion better than brass and has a unique, slightly red coloring, bronze is a long-lasting, beautiful metal that can be used for a variety of decorative purposes.

Bronze is useful for many different needs. It is ideal for mounting hardware, as it comes in many different finishes. It is commonly used as furniture trim for conference tables, reception desks, ceiling panels, and wall panels.

Customized Bronze Fabrication

When you need customized bronze pieces, we have the skills, expertise, creativity, and technology to design something truly unique. With our bronze fabrication process, we begin with the assembly and end with custom packaging and kitting.

Creative Design in a Thorough Process

From start to finish, we make quality, creativity, and technology our top priority. Our process is thorough, including a variety of techniques that guarantee your product is exactly what you want:

We use dual pallet lasers, punch presses, press brakes, and additional tools to complete projects. Our software includes the latest technology, like SOLIDWORKS, Mietrak32, AUTOCAD, and more.

Unique Services

We make our services and benefits unique by providing design and engineering support even after your product is finished. We have also developed our custom packaging system to guarantee that your items remain safe as they’re delivered to your door. In addition, we provide on-site installation and reusable, returnable shipping containers.

Bronze Fabrication with S&B Metal Products in Ohio and Florida

To better serve our customers, we have our home base facility in Ohio, and multiple locations in Florida. Learn more about our bronze fabrication processes or request a quote. Our facilities and teams in Ohio and Florida are ready to create your bronze products today!