S&B Metal Products has been supplying clients with their aluminum fabrication needs since 1974. One of our goals is to invest in innovative resources while embracing fresh ways of improving our services. The fact that our company has been steadily growing is a testimony to our success; we have expanded from our Ohio base to Florida’s Lakeland (1986), Bradenton (1998), and Daytona Beach (2002) areas. With these facilities, we have more than 100,000 square feet to dedicate to fabrication.


At S&B, we have 150 employees who are both trained and certified. They know how to use our equipment to fabricate any product you may need. We even conduct prototyping to make certain that the result is what you have in mind. If needed, we provide design assistance when you want some extra inspiration. Our staff completes projects from beginning to end; we handle assembly, blasting, and CNC bending, programming, laser cutting, and punching. We do shearing, welding, sawing, grinding, deburring, custom packaging and kitting, metal finishing, powder coating and rolling, painting, fastener insertion, and other finishing touches to make your aluminum fabrication outstanding. We even inspect the final product so that it meets your high standards. In the end, we guarantee on-time delivery to help you stay on schedule.


At S&B, all of our staff is trained to use the latest technology and equipment for aluminum fabrication. We are ISO 9001:2015 certified for our quality management services; our goal is to provide you with products that meet your needs. We combine our knowledge of metal’s strengths with the latest technology and tools in our industry to guarantee the highest quality for your aluminum fabrication. Currently, we have clients in the pharmaceuticals, healthcare, food and beverage, and similar markets. No matter your industry or your goals, our expertise and your vision can only result in success.

Aluminum Fabrication With S&B Metal Products

Trust our skilled staff and the latest technology and equipment to make your high-quality aluminum fabrication. Contact us to request a quote.